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Luke and Isaiah's Page - from Grandpa Jim

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Winter Storm of 2003

Below is a simple circuit for a car head light. 

The battery is a 12 volt power supply that is used to start a car's engine and power all of the lights, the radio, the electric windows and all of the other things that use 12 volt electrical power within the car.

When the car's engine is running, there is a power generator that puts electrical power back into the battery.

 With out this generator, the battery would run out of electrical power, and the engine uses this electrical power too, it would stop running.

The battery stores electrical power, but when you use it, you will have to put electrical power back into the battery. So every car, truck, or van has a generator to create electrical power to put back into it's battery.

The electrical generator is called an alternator. It make an alternating type of electricity. Another electrical device converts the alternating electrical power in DC electrical power.  

The battery is a DC source of power with a + positive and a - negative output.