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My Background

This page will give a breif bio of Jim Anslow inventer of the Plasma Drive Hydrogen Generator.

Hi my name is Jim Anslow. I am a refrigeration technician residing in Vancouver, Washington.

I have a been working on my hydrogen project for over 4 years and I will not give up until my dreams come true. I will keep my story as short as possible. I have been in the electrical repair business for over 26 years, and began my training at one of the nations finest technical high schools, Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon. During my four years at this school I took 8 shop classes, with a 2 year major in industrial electronics. Early in my career I began wiring control circuits, and soon began designing control circuits for customer refrigeration systems. I was interested in electricity at an early age, my grandfather was an electrician, and my father had electrical training too. Electrical repair and design is my art. I have wired houses, an electric car in high school, fire alarm systems, computer controlled automated equipment, and repair basic electrically controlled equipment daily. I really enjoy designing systems and testing there application in the real world.

I have a single income family and I have used my own income to develop my hydrogen system, I am moving forward slowly due to the lack of sufficient funds for my project. I have a loan payment that bought a lot of my supplies I use on my project, but I can not barrow any further, or I would go backwards financially. So my dream sits on a shelf, waiting for a few dollars hear and there. I recently changed jobs and moved last summer to lower my overhead. I can live comfortably on my lower income, but I can not spend my income on my dream because my family will come first. I have a good wife that is handicapped, she has Cerebral Palsy and cant work, and needs me to shop and cook as well. I have done this for 21 years now, and we have a good life. I have two daughters one 24 years old and one 22 years old. We have 5 grand kids now, and they keep my wife busy, as both my daughter do not drive and my wife dose.


Jim and Carmen Anslow

The Both of Us

Jim and Carmen Anslow, both have an artistry to their backgrounds. Carmen is a musician, and amateur computer graphics designer. Her photography is the best, you can see her work on WebShots.

Carmy's WebShots

Favorites Hobbies

Number One!

Camping in the Redwood Forest: My wife Carmen and I have gone almost each year we have been married, 21 years now. We love the awesome beauty of the 2000 year old trees, and its on the coast, which we both grew up loving the ocean landscape.

Number Two!

Electrical Design and testing. I enjoy creating mechanical devices, wiring circuits, and testing my designs for there usefulness. I work on my computer In Corel Photo Paint 8, create a design, weather it is mechanical or electrical, then go to the shop and build what I have designed.